Project Spider

Spider Arcade

1991 spider-man sega arcade

Sega, the Spider-Man maker, released 534 different machines in our database under this trade name. For more info Click Here

I got this while back. I remember paying $150 for it at craigslist add. My brother and I went to get it. First of all the monitor wasn’t working. Super dirty. Coin slots were dirty. There were not joystick nor buttons. He did gave me the board but seem like it was left outside in the rain. Restore this to original was  cost money and time. I rather just mod this arcade and install computer inside. When I mod arcade I try not to modify anything with arcade it self. I try to keep it original. If someone purchase it from me and want to restore it than everything is there.

Specs what I use to built this arcade:
  • Pentium 4 2.8Ghz
  • 1Gb of Ram
  • 40Gb Hard Drive
  • Windows XP SP2
  • Radon Card 256Mb
  • X-Arcade Joystick (Purchase Here)
  • USB Speaker
  • MaLa 1.74 Software
  • LCD monitor 22inch

Links for software and equipment:

Mala 1.74 Software and info how to use it:
How to shell any front end or program in Windows: Click Here!
Allows users to change their Windows boot screens: Click Here!
Setup coin slots to work with X-Arcade Joystick (Read below part): Click Here!


NOTE: If you going to use Bootskin & InstantSheller READ!!!!!
First install Bootskin and test it once you do than install InstantSheller uncheck the following
replace boot screen
disable windows animations
 Also bit of advise make sure you test everything before install those. If any question just comment below and I try to answer your questions or provide you with link better results.


This how it came with