Paint Gas Mask (Gray to Black)

Halloween was around the corner.  Texas Horror Con and Party were closing in. My brother was going to gear up as Resident characters.  I decide the same because my brother and sister love to dress up. I got most of the gears and patches. The gas mask I had but it was gray. I wanted to paint it black and lens red.

To paint the mask I remove the lens and just left rubber mask itself. Use alcohol to clean the mask. I purchase Rustoleum Painter’s Touch – Ultra Coverage, 2X Black. I apply little coat to the mask 10min each coat. I left mask in the sun 8 hours or so.  While that dry up I use the lens that came with the mask and made new one out of plastic bottles. I purchase VHT Nite-Shades can. I only apply two small coat to the lens. They look the same as original lens and able to see clear as the sky. On one of the lens I use hot knife to make crack that look like it was damage.  The mask looks great. I had the mask over two years and no cracks.