Black X Arcade

The Black X Arcade was my first project to work with. It was a hard task but worth it. If you going to start a project on arcade than I would recommend buying used arcade cabinet that isn’t working or worth restoring. If you going to build the cabinet than recommend buying the good Plywood. I would like to say thank to my cousin Mike for being part of this project. He was the one who custom arcade cabinet. I recommend install wheels in the bottom make life easy when moving the arcade to different location.

I was tested out different frontends. One of them was Maximus Arcade (Not Free) It is nice GUI interface and easy to work with but it was not what I was looking for. Maximus Arcade will be nice for custom computer gamer. Mala was other software I tested out and it free. I love the frontend of Mala and layout custom you can do with it. I will provide some info in the bottom.


Specs what I use to build this arcade:

  • AMD Athlon X2 2.4Ghz
  • 3Gb DDR2 of Ram
  • 500Gb Hard Drive
  • Windows XP SP2
  • Geforce 9600 512MB
  • X-Arcade Joystick (Purchase Here)
  • USB Speaker
  • MaLa 1.74 Software
  • LCD monitor 22inch

Links for software and equipment:

Mala 1.74 Software and info how to use it:

How to shell any front end or program in Windows: Click Here!

Allows users to change their Windows boot screens: Click Here!

Setup coin slots to work with X-Arcade Joystick (Read below part): Click Here!

NOTE: If you going to use Bootskin & InstantSheller READ!!!!!
First install Bootskin restart and see if work once you do than install instandSheller uncheck the following:

Replace Boot Screen
Disable Windows animations

Also bit of advise make sure you test everything before install those. If any question just comment below and I try to answer your questions or provide you with link better results.