Nat on PS3/PS4 using PfSense

This will show you how to setup your PS3/PS4 or Xbox360 to use NAT TYPE2 on PfSense

What does NAT Type do?

NAT type 1 means your system is connected directly to a modem.
NAT type 2 means you are using a router and everything is running fine.
NAT type 3 means you are using a router, but either ports are block

This guide just going to tell you to configure your system that will allow you to join party or invite from friend and voice chat.

First will need to know what are the ips of the systems. Turn one or two on.

Go to Settings and look for Networking. Check the status of connection. We will need to know the ip address and also Mac address in case.

Go to a computer and login to PfSense.

(NOTE everytime you make a changed in PfSense you see a Red bar make sure you apply changes)

Go to Status>DHCP Leases


Now look for the IP address or Mac Address of your system. One you find it we going to set it to a Static IP. On right there a symbol of paper with +. Click on it.



Here we going to change IP address and Hostname. If you wanna add Description. Add Ip address to your system. Example my is  Hostname: PS4



Now we going to setup the NAT. Go to Firewall>NAT. Now on Mode change it to Manuel Outbound Nat. Apply the changes. Next we going to add two mappings on right side click on paper with +



What you see on the the image below this you will add. If you can’t see the port is 1024:65535



Once you create the localhost AON you will create other one for LAN AON. Note on the ip address my setup is


Now you create those two. Create new mapping. On Source you going to put your ip address of the system. Next to it set it to /32. Check Static IP.  Description example PS4


Make sure you apply any changes you do. Now go and restart test connection on the system. The ip address should change and NAT should be Type 2. If it work than go back and add other system.