Reviving an unresponsive Sega CD Model 2

I purchase Sega CD Model 2 while back. The issue I had didn’t wanna turn on. Many users had this issue and problem was with 2.5A fuse that attach to the board is crap. There a way to fix it by replacing it with 1.5A. I repair my Model 2 with fuse below is little guide I wrote.

What you need  for this guide is
1.5A 250V
Chassis-Type Fuse Holder
Non Ins Fem Disconnect
Soldering gun 20W
Pliers Needle Nose


Remember that Sega Cd model 2 won’t boot without the Sega Genesis attached. Also note that to use MK-1602 or any 9V-12V center-positive 1.2A power supply or else you may blow up the fuse.



You will need to disassembling the console. You will need to find the fuse. The fuse is attach to the board on F301 and fuse is 2.5A. Use the soldering iron and pliers. Carefully remove the fuse without damage the board.



Now get two wires and solder them to each point on board where you remove the fuse on F301. Once you done put the board back and run the wires outside. The other side of the two wires use Fem Disconnect  on each end. Use the Fem Disconnect ends to connect the fuse holder. I recommend mount the fuse holder on the case. Either with glue. Place the 1.5A fuse into the fuse holder.



Once your done put back the top case and test it. Remember to use MK-1602 or any 9V-12V center-positive 1.2A power supply



Off the side where you see the red marks I needed to fix those. It was a pain but it working I left it running 2 hours a day and still this day working great.

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