Migrate a local user profile to a domain

When added a pc to domain. You will need to login to the new user domain account. It will create new profile. You will have to put the time copying files from local profile to domain profile that was created. Some people want their pc the way they had it. There a way around it using a tool. I been testing this tool and works great and save you the trouble. But there always issue and I post them below.

Issues before you start using it

  • Email passwords (pop and imap) and exchange accounts need to be entered again or Outlook profile become corrupt. Recommend create new outlook profile
  • Once you migrate a local profile to domain profile keep note that a local user who was login in before will not be able to use that profile instead may create new profile.
  • WIndows 8 Any files that is words or adobe. Need to right click and properties. Change the file to example Docs to use Words and save it.


Here is the site to download the User Profile Wizard 3.7.
Extract out the contents of the zip file and run the profwiz.exe application

Step 1: Enter your domain into the domain box and the domain user to migrate to.
ScreenHunter_102 Mar. 21 18.32

STEP 2: Select your current user from the list on the next screen.
ScreenHunter_103 Mar. 21 18.33

STEP 3: You will be prompted for domain admin credentials to allow joining the domain

STEP 4: Your migration is now complete and you can click Finish.  It will ask for reboot. Restart and login to the user domain.