Mod Sega Genesis Model 3

This guide will show you how to mod Sega Genesis Model 3 for Composite, S-Video, and Region mode.

 Please Read: This tutorial is designed to mod your Sega permanent which can result in a catastrophic failure if done incorrectly. Do not attempt the mods if you don’t have basic skill of soldering. I don’t not take any responsibility if you damage your system or yourself. 



Composite Mod




Look for the chip SONY CXA1645M. Follow the diagram. If you can’t find 75 Ohm Resister. You can use 68 Ohm.

S-Video Mod


Region mode

I follow a guide from Fwonkas (Here the link)  You will need a 45-Watt Desoldering Iron and slowly remove jumper R22.

Region mode 1 Remove R22


On R24. You can do two things. Bridge them together and you won’t need SPDT switch. If you do want SPDT switch. I use a SPST Switch On and Off. I tested and work.



This is what I use SPST Switch. When is OFF it on the US mode. When it ON it on Japan mode. Do this own your own risk.




NOTE: I couldn’t find female s-video jack I was force to use Male S-Video.