PSX MOD Tutorial

Incomplete in progress finish up the guide. If there any dead links or need correct. Let me know and fix to make this guide easy and simple for new user.

Please Read: This tutorial is designed to mod your PSX MOD which can result in a catastrophic failure if done incorrectly. Do not attempt the mods if you don’t have basic skill. I don’t not take any responsibility if you damage your system or yourself. 

Writing by TheEnd757

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PSX MOD Tutorial Steps

1. Install FMCB

2. Install English patch

3. Install elf on XMB menu





Install FMCB. Here video of Slot1Gamer showing you how to get FMCB going on your PSX-DVR

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Translation XMB from Japan to English 

To translation the XMB from Japan to English. You will need FreeMcboot and uLE HDD Edition WIP7. You will need to replace all xml-files in the correct folder. Do a backup of the original xml-flies before transfer.

Here are the links for your PSX Consle. Pick the one for your system.

DESR-5000-5100-7000-7100 XMB ENG

DESR-5500-5700-7500-7700 XMB ENG

Unzip it and copy to USB

Load uLE by holding R1 will take you to the ule. You need to lunch uLE HDD Edition WIP7

Now go to the Path: hdd0:/_System/Xosd/

Before anything make a backup of it

Now from Mass copy files and overwrite files.

Once complete. Turn off the PSX and turn it on and let it load.




3. Install elf on XMB menu

PSX must be connecting to the network and You need to lunch uLE HDD Edition WIP7

Open Ulaunchelf and select “Misc”

Select “HddManager” this is where you will create a partition

1. Make a PP. partition.  Let’s assume you named the partition “PP.GAME-12345.BOOT” (you can name it anything you want but you have to keep “PP.ABCD-12345” format for it to be 100% compatible with the osd processing. it’s a game ID code like for example SLPS-20001 is Ridge Racer 5 JP.

Example: PP.SLUS-00001.OPL9

2. Download this (Here) and place it on root of C:, Now Copy the Elf to the SCEDoormat_NoME_Rel.02 folder

3. Drag your ELF file to SCEDoormat_NoME. Once done , rename the resulting KELF as EXECUTE.KELF

4. Within Res Folder you can edit the png image but must match name and size. Edit info.sys.

5. Copy EXECUTE.KELF, Res, IOP_PKTDRV.elf to USB and plug it to the PSX Turn it on and Press R1 to enter ule.

6. Copy EXECUTE.KELF, Res to PP. partition you created. Example below


7. Lunch IOP_PKTDRV.elf on your PSX.

8. On PC. Open command prompt, negither to the folder you download C:\PSX

9. On Command prompt you will type:

Hdl_dump.exe modify_header PP.SLUS-00001.OPL9

You shoud see following
Successfully read system.cnf

Restart the PSX and let it load to the XMB menu.


Now your finish with basic method. If you want to learn more here are following links you can read on to