Project Mala

Mala Front End
There were problem with the Last Dual. So wanted to start new project on it. Going to replace the tv with monitor. Remove the Jamma Last Duel and put in a computer the specs are below. I didn’t wanna modify the arcade it self I wanna to keep case original. The wires that connect to the joystick and power I use a J-Pac it on the specs and link provide. When I turn on the arcade I wanted to load nice interface hide Windows logo and load direct to the software. The software I use for this is Mala and very simple. Everything Im using will be provide the links below. 
Specs what I use to built this arcade:
  • Computer
  • Pentium 4 2.4Ghz
  • 512Gb of Ram
  • 40Gb Hard Drive
  • Windows XP SP2
  • J-Pac
  • MaLa 1.74 Software

Links for software and equipment:

Mala 1.74 Software and info how to use it:
J-Pac Connect a PC to a JAMMA cabinet:
How to shell any front end or program in Windows: Click Here!
Allows users to change their Windows boot screens: Click Here!


NOTE: If you going to use Bootskin & InstantSheller READ!!!!!
First install Bootskin and test it once you do than install InstantSheller uncheck the following
replace boot screen
disable windows animations
 Also bit of advise make sure you test everything before install those. If any question just comment below and I try to answer your questions or provide you with link better results.


This is the J-Pac Connect a PC to a JAMMA cabinet:


Inside Arcade not a powerful computer but it enough to run the games I wanted.


Mala Software and Layout Im running.


My Arcade Project: Add note for speaker I purchase usb speaker and mount them. If you asking if the coin slots work. Yes they do the J-Pac support it and plug and play.