Youtube to MP3 Converter

Youtube to MP3 Converter 


This simple guide to show you how to covert youtube to mp3. Requirement just to download the software that 100% free. 

What you need
Free studio (Click Here)


Once you install a icon will be created on desktop. Open DVDVideoSoft Free Studio. Here you will see list. Select Free Youtube Download.

ScreenHunter_143 Nov. 24 21.28



This where you going to paste youtube link here using the Paste button below.

ScreenHunter_144 Nov. 24 21.28



Look for video you want to covert to mp3 format. What you need is the link. Copy the link and go back to Free Studio.

ScreenHunter_145 Nov. 24 21.29



Now use Paste button to paste the link you copy from Youtube site. Now you ready to covert. Press the Download button to begin covert.

ScreenHunter_146 Nov. 24 21.29



Depends on your pc hardware and internet speed. May take a min to complete the covert. Once done you will see Show in folder. You can click on it and will take you to the song you covert. That all to it. If you want to relocate your songs to other folder. Go to next step.

ScreenHunter_149 Nov. 24 21.30



If you want to relocate your songs to other folder or somewhere you want them. Go to Tools>Options

ScreenHunter_150 Nov. 24 21.31



You be in the Options. Go tab Output. Where you see Output folder. Browse to a folder to store your music when you covert a music. Once done click OK and your set.

ScreenHunter_151 Nov. 24 21.31