Project Rush



San Francisco Rush

A racing game that takes place in San Francisco. For more info Click Here

I got two rush arcade for $150 each. Both of them were working but needed to work on. I got them on craigslist add. He also had Need for Speed that he didn’t wanna sell me due that other customer wanted it and price was $200 but at the end I got it for low price I tell you more on project Here. My brother and I went to get it going there was about 30 miles drive. Good thing we were able to fit them back of the truck those were huge.


What Needs to be Fixed on Rush?

  • Replace computer memory batteries.
  • Replace couple of Position Polarized Connector
  • Rewire the wires
  • Replace blown cap
  • Clone one of the Hard drive (One was going bad)

How to backup hard drive or upgrade from arcade here info Click Here


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